Warning Signs of Cooling System Trouble

Warning Signs of Cooling System Trouble

As soon as you start your vehicle, your engine temperature begins rapidly climbing. As long as your cooling system is in strong condition, your vehicle will be able to regulate the heat. However, if any component of your cooling system isn't working properly, then your engine could be vulnerable to overheating, which could lead to major problems, such as a cracked block. Here are six signs of a cooling system problem.

Temp Gauge in the Red Zone

If the temperature gauge on your dashboard ascends into the red, then you'll want to find a safe place to pull over and park your car, at which point you can call a mechanic and explain your situation. Then the mechanic can give you guidance on whether you can safely drive your vehicle.


If smoke starts billowing out from under your hood, then you've got a classic sign of overheating. When this occurs, you'll want to get off the road when it's safe to do so, and then will likely want to add coolant/water.

Decreasing Fuel-Efficiency

The best gas mileage is achieved when the engine is operating at a healthy temperature. Fuel-efficiency may worsen if the engine is running hot.

External Coolant Leak

From time to time, you'll want to take a look at the ground where your car is regularly parked to see if there is any evidence of leaking automotive fluids. Coolant is often recognizable by its bright color, which is often green, but may be another color such as pink or yellow.

Low Coolant Level

If something is causing your coolant level to substantially drop, then you'll want to have a mechanic conduct an inspection so the underlying issue can be identified and addressed. This could be due to an internal coolant leak.

White Exhaust Smoke

If coolant is burning up within the combustion chamber, then you may notice white exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe. A cracked cylinder head could be to blame for this issue.

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Posted: April 13, 2021

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